3 Months Study Plan for FRM Part 1

FRM part I exam consists of 4 topics: Foundations of Risk Management (20%), Quantitative Analysis (20%), Financial Markets and Products (30%), and Valuation and Risk Models (30%). The duration of the exam is 4 hours and 100 questions have to be solved.

To prepare for the exam in 3 months (13 weeks), one should finish the course at least 3 weeks before the exam. One needs to finish the entire course in 10 weeks. Last 3 weeks should be used to revision and practice exams. There are 52 assigned readings and 410 AIM Statements.

You can download the study plan for 10 weeks from here – FRM Part 1 Study Plan. You should attempt one comprehensive test of 2 hours length (containing 50 questions) after finishing one full subject. 2 more hours should be spent on analyzing the test.

After finishing the curriculum, one should do one more revision in 9 days. 1.5 days for Foundation of Risk Management, 2 days for Quantitative Methods, 2.5 days for Financial Markets and Products and 3 days for Valuation and Risk Models. After one revision, a comprehensive test should be attempted and analyzed on the 10th day. Rest 10 days can be used for more revision and 2 more comprehensive tests and few sectional tests.


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